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This month's story

April's Fools

'This is going to be fun!'

A chance landing on a luxury starship takes the Doctor and Tracy to the planet April - where the famed Festival of Fools is about to begin. A celebration of comedy and performance, the Doctor can't wait for the shows to start; but it soon becomes apparent that something sinister is happening on April...

A short story written by Alex Smith.


April's Fools is the latest in a series of e-books from Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated, based on the hit BBC science fiction drama. You can read it for free by clicking on the front cover, or by clicking this link.


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Attention: due to a haphazard combination of other commitments, external forces and simple bad luck, our next release has currently been put on hiatus. Rest assured, DWR will be back as soon as possible.

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