About Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated

What is Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated?

Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated is a fanseries based around the popular British Science Fiction programme Doctor Who. Our aim is to write short stories and novellas that take place within the Doctor Who universe, featuring our own Doctor and original characters, settings and enemies. Our stories are free to read online and are available to download in certain browsers. We hope to keep our stories at the high level of quality and discard the negative connotations that surround 'fanfiction'.

What is Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated about?

Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated is set much later in the Doctor's personal timeline; while the current TV series is focusing on the 11th Doctor, we have jumped forward to join the 14th Doctor on his adventures. As many Doctor Who fans may already be aware, a Time Lord typically only has 13 lives. One of the central plot threads of Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated will uncover the mystery behind how and why the Doctor survived a 13th regeneration.

When did Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated start?

Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated started officially on September 1st 2011, when the first of our short stories was released to the public. Following that, we have taken on a new monthly schedule wherein a new short story or novella will be published on the first day of every month.

Who runs Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated?

The Head Writer position at Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated is currently co-held by myself (Alex Smith) and my friend and colleague Mark Lee. Together we write and edit the material for the site, including all of the short stories and novellas. We also host the site's twitter and facebook pages, and generally do most of the legwork necessary for the running of the site - after all, we're only a small fanseries! The only other position currently occupied is that of Luke Murphy, who currently works as our personal Helper Monkey. We joke, but actually Luke is very helpful in reading over the stories and giving us feedback in general. 

What is the Staff Room?

The Staff Room, as you may have noticed, is protected by a username and password, known only to the Head Writers of Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated. The Staff Room is essentially a very limited forum, which myself and Mark use to discuss ideas for things surrounding Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated, such as new stories, changes to the website, etc.

Who is this Andrew-Lee Potts?

Andrew-Lee Potts is an actor, and a good one at that. He is not affiliated with us in any way. When it came to choosing a physical model to base the 14th Doctor on, we cast our minds to TV programs we were fond of, and I thought of Primeval, a drama in which Potts has a starring role. We do not claim to own Potts' image, and he in no way endorses our series. Here is a link to his wikipedia page and his unofficial fansite, if you wish to learn more about him, or the projects he is involved in.

I found a spelling mistake/grammatical error in one of your stories!

If you do ever spot a typo or spelling error in one of our stories, could you please inform us as soon as possible so we can rectify the issue? Check the Contact Us page for more information on how to get in touch with us.

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