Series 1

 'Do you know what you're looking for?'

Mrs. Miller's Clothes and Accessories is a quaint little shop at the back end of nowhere, but one customer in particular is very keen on coming back. When he returns one dark September night looking for something he can't quite remember, it will be the start of his latest - and most exciting - life yet. There's a mystery to be solved, but what is it?

A short story written by Alex Smith. First published September 1st 2011.

A2 - Twister

'Only fools run for the stars. And trust me, it never ends very well.'

Mary-Lou, a lonely girl from Rinetown Place, is about to be thrown into adventure, as she tries to stop a frightened alien from adapting to planet Earth. Can the Doctor save the day with a girl who's never even dreamed of the stars?

A short story written by Mark Lee. First published October 1st 2011.

'Greetings, traveller...'

High atop a mountain, there stands an ancient monastery, a temple where the brotherhood make their home and live their lives. They are intelligent, thoughtful, wise, and they make it their duty to help those in need. Today, the man who needs their help is the Doctor.

A short story written by Alex Smith. First published November 1st 2011.

'Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon...'

A killer is stalking the streets of London, and four people are already dead. The Doctor and his friends might be able to stop the Ripper - but can they do so before he claims his final victim? Or will Jack's escape be set in motion by the complex machinations of time?

A short story written by Mark Lee. First published December 1st 2011.

'And what Christmas surprise do you have in store for me next, eh?'

Legend tells of a man named Kris Kringle, who handed out presents to children. The Doctor is on his way to see this bit of history for himself, when suddenly the TARDIS violently drops out of the time vortex and is stopped dead in space. When he comes to, he begins experiencing visions of companions long gone. Is the Doctor losing his mind? Or have the ghosts come to warn him of a much greater danger?

A short story written by Shaun Collins. First published December 24th 2011.


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