Series 2

B1 - The Blue Box (Part 1 of 2)

'Would you believe me if I told you this isn't really a police box?'

When Tracy Blaid, an ordinary London girl, stops in the street to examine an unusual looking phone box, it will be the start of the greatest adventure of her life. A cheerful museum thief, a high-security research lab, and a swarm of living smoke – they’re all waiting for her, through the doors of the blue box.

A short story written by Alex Smith. First published January 1st 2012.

B2 - Smoke (Part 2 of 2)

'They'll choke the Earth until there's nothing left...'

Life just got pretty exciting for Tracy Blaid. She's been swept out of the museum where she works, into an impossible blue box that's bigger on the inside, by a madman who calls himself the Doctor. But while she struggles to comprehend this impossible turn of events, a dark alien force has infiltrated Earth...

A short story written by Alex Smith. First published February 1st 2012.

'Allow me to introduce the President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln.'

It's time for Tracy's first proper adventure; America, with Abraham Lincoln at the helm. But is all as it seems within the walls of the White House? And with an invisible enemy on the loose, will the Doctor and Tracy be able to stop the Bazbalan plan?

A short story written by Mark Lee. First published March 4th 2012.

'This is going to be fun!'

A chance landing on a luxury starship takes the Doctor and Tracy to the planet April - where the famed Festival of Fools is about to begin. A celebration of comedy and performance, the Doctor can't wait for the shows to start; but it soon becomes apparent that something sinister is happening on April...

A short story written by Alex Smith. First published April 1st 2012.

Series 2 is currently in progress. More stories will be added shortly.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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